Camping Torkul


Fishing: night at “purse seine” (hunting sardines) – trawl-boat (high quality fish) at depths of 80-120 meters, and big-fishing (tuna) -or  a classic fishing
  • hunting sardines exclusively in the nights without moon (aka. the dark) and large nets , at great depths. This is done with a large fishing boats length of 15-30 meters with a crew of 8 to 12 people. Once you locate sardines with depth sounder fish must be quickly  surrounded with nets high  up to 80 meters and long  up to 800 meters. This is done with two extra boats (length of 6-7 meters) with the use of powerful spotlights on the main board. Light is luring fish to the surface , in the end it founds itself in a vast net whose bottom is closed. The net rises to the ship and inside can be found  more than 10 tons of sardines, anchovies or other fish.
  • hunting Koca also works at night at a greater depths _ in terrains with little risk that the net could get stuck. Large ships are towing the net over the sea bottom. It collects a large number of sea creatures, fish and shrimps. When the net is full, it is pulled on the boat and emptyed . Then the process is repeated at least twice.
  • Big-fishing is tuna fishing. It is a very demanding fishing where the continuous throwing of sardines into the sea is used to lure the tunas.Also, the sardinas are the bait used for catching tunas. Fight with tuna that has taken the bait can last for hours depending on its size (up to several hundred kilograms). This fishing is for those who are armed with patience and can take a very high dose of adrenaline.
  • classic fishing hooks for benthic fish, and various lures for cuttlefish and squid, practicing mostly during the day. They are especially good at the morning and evening. Fishing is from smaller vessels 4.5 to 6 meters in length and we  practice it in Pasman channel or on its southwest side of the Kornati archipelago.