Oil Mill Island Pašman

Our oil mill started its work in 1994 as the first private oilmill in Croatia! We quickly realized that the existing capacity for olive oil production on the island of Pašman was too small. Our goal was to improve the production of olive oil, both in quality, as well as in quantity and speed.

We decided on the classic way of cold pressing. We use hydraulic presses from the renowned brand PIERALISI for this purpose.

In 1995, we produced the largest quantity of olive oil in the Zadar County and have since then endeavored to further expand and modernize our production.

In 1999 we increased the efficiency of our oil mill to 750kg / hour. That same year, we were the first on the island to organize the transport of olives to Euro pallets. Which greatly accelerated and simplified the delivery and subsequent processing.

2008 Assembly of a stainless steel jacket in the Oliveroel container to meet the strict hygienic conditions for food storage.

2012 Extension of our Oelmuehle by a machine from GEA Westfalia Separator Group. The capacity is 1600kg / hour of pure olive oil, which exceeds the quality and durability of all other olive oils of the Republic of Croatia by the special production process.

Take a peek inside our Oil mill