Mobile Homes

We are renting new mobile homes "ADRIA", where you can have comfortable and enjoyable stay

Kraj, Island Pašman

Find us in the place where you can simply relax under the shadows of the olive trees and enjoy the weather

Discover Pašman

Discover the island and watch the breathtaking sunset reflecting on the Adriatic sea​

We are situated in one of the most beautiful island across Croatia- Kraj, Island Pašman

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The sea is crystal clear and you can find sandy and rocky beaches. the clarity and purity of the Adriatic Sea in this area are a result of changes in sea current every six hours.

You can find yourself a nice and comfortable accommodation in the  mobile homes. or we will provide a place for you to stay in your own tent. In addition, there are a variety of activities you can take part in to experience the beauty of this island and connect with nature.

On the east side of the island, you can swim amongst the natural rock formations with long plateaus. Most of the houses are located along the coast, right next to the beach and the sea. The Pasman Channel is a home to 16 islets that you can find enjoyable in summer, as they are frequent places for swimming and diving.