The company TRATICA Ltd. was founded in 1991 and has been operating successfully ever since.

Our core business is the processing of olives to olive oil. In 1994 we built the first privately owned oil mill of Croatia. In 2012, we expanded the oil mill with a new machine, thereby increasing the capacity of 750kg / hr. at 2300kg per hour. However, this increase in performance is not at the expense of quality. 

Another area of activity is tourism. The camp with its bistro, 30 parking spaces, and all facilities  covers the area of 230m².

The Bistro Torkul has a closed terrace with 230 seats. The cafe in the bistro with its porch offers 40 seats. The large terrace offers a wonderful view of the Pašmanski Canal, the islands off the mainland, the Franciscan Monastery of Sv. Duje from the 15th century and of course not to forget the mountain of Velebit.

The above prices are the basis for the accommodations for 230 guests. Guests are accommodated in houses with single or double rooms. The apartments have at least three stars and have the necessary comfort. You are at a distance of up to 350 meters from Camp / Bistro-Torkul.

Between the camp / bistro and the beach “Tratica” are a few olive and fig trees and it is only 70m walk. This beach is also used by locals from Biograd and our island and is very popular.

The tourism extends every year from 01.03 – 30.11. During this time we offer you a range of different activities for a very active family holiday. All types of active recreation are accompanied by our staff for each selected activity