National Park Kornati

3 nautical miles behind the island of Pašman

Kornati National Park  consists of 89 islands, islets and reefs which make up about one quarter of the total area of 220 square kilometers park.

The total number of islands and islets is 152, and numerous are not in the national park. This is the densest group of islands in the entire Mediterranean. The vertical cliffs of Kornati islands facing the open sea are the most popular phenomenon of this park.
There are habitats of rare birds and cliffs are rising up to 80 meters above the sea, extending up to 100 meters undersea.

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Krka National Park

65 km away from us

The park has 109 km2 , it covers the area along the river Krka. Of the numerous waterfalls (seven), the most famous is Skradinski buk with its 17 steps to a length of 800 meters , with a total height difference of almost 46 meters, and Roski slap with a height of 26 meters.

Below Skradinski Buk in 1895 the second oldest hydropower plant in the world was opened, (opened only three days after the first in the world – Niagara Falls).
The special value of the national park is a small island Visovac with a monastery from the 14th century.
The park has over 220 bird species, of which the greater number of them are making nests here.

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National Park Paklenica

72km away from us

South Velebit, the largest mountain in Croatia, embraces Paklenica National Park. It lies by the sea on an area of 36 km2.

Two impressive canyons carved vertically from the sea to the mountain (Big and Small Paklenica) , with a multitude of unusual karst formations, caves and monumental series of vertical cliffs who are a paradise for hiking and climbing (Anica kuk 712m high).
There is also the most significant climbing center on the Adriatic coast with about 400 different climbing areas. In the Park there are about 150 km of trails / roads.

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The most famous cave is Manita peć with stalactites and a large underground hall (65m long, 40m wide _ 32m high).
In forests of black pine lives over 210 species of birds including the griffon vulture with a wingspan of up to 2.6 meters. The park inhabited by brown bear, wolf and lynx.

Telašćica Nature Park

7 nautical miles away from us

Telašćica bay is situated in the southeastern part of the Dugi otok island, close to the northwestern part of the island of Kornati (the biggest island of the Kornati archipelago).

It is one of the largest and most beautiful Adriatic bays, with 13 islets and reefs, of which six are within the bay.

Area of Nature Park is 70km2, of which the sea occupies about 44 km2. On the outer side towards the open sea , the vertical cliffs are rising up to 200 meters above sea, and are continuing up to 90m in depth.

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Vrana Lake Nature park

7 km away from us

Nature Park includes the largest natural lake in Croatia which extends over 57 km2. Northwest part of the lake has been declared a special ornithological reserve inhabited occasionally with over 230 species of birds.

Of these 102 species are nesting here _ .. On the wintering more than 100,000 birds and water birds regulary visits the park.
For cyclists and hikers there is a 40 km trail around the lake. The lake is located near the sea (only two kilometers) , and is connected with the sea by the small channel. Thus avoiding the frequent flooding of the surrounding fields during heavy rains. The lake is famous for its sport fishing throughout the year because it is rich in freshwater fish.

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