Camping Torkul





Pasman Island and its surrounding area offer endless opportunities for walks  to the sea and mountain areas. There are numerous trails and paths where with the scent of wild Mediterranean herbs you can feel the distinctive smells of seaweed that the waves washed ashore.


Just walking, you can visit several caves that residents of the island at various times had occasionally inhabited. You can also visit the early Christian ruins where inhabitans seeked shelter in case of war risk. (Pustograd, etc.,). You can also visit the rain forest of holm oak in the area Dumbočica with which you will be particularly surprised. Beside it there are large caves inhabited by wild pigeons.


In the island’s olive groves there are numerous stone houses circulary built in stone without any binding material. Many are older than a couple of hundred years and are still in use today.

Routes for trekking are planned for each group. They are gradually more and more demanding , but never too heavy,so that the consumption of appropriate traditional food and drinks at the final destination is pleasant and refreshing. For all tours we will provide a guide so you want have any problems finding your way, unless you want to wander alone.


During the trekking guide will introduce you to the herbs and edible Mediterranean forest fruits. Often you will encounter wild birds, especially pheasants and blackbirds, as well as the traces of wild boar.