Camping Torkul


After a very popular trekking in the world Croatian adrenaline sports came in – škraping. It’s a fast walk , rarely run, by the sharp and dangerous coastal rocks. The name comes from the Dalmatian word for these rocks – škrapa.
Škraping is very demanding discipline, arduous and requires great caution. You need to overcome sharp rocks, traverse notches, wriggle through the bush to find paths . Run  is divided into ultra-serious length 42 km and light-easy length 21 km,each particular for women and men.
After the first škrapping 2006 the same event is held every year with the intention of visitors/ athletes from several European countries to learn more about the natural resources of the island of Pasman for different sports activities. This also marks the beginning of the tourist season on the island. Škraping of 2019 will be held 09. march from the neighboring town of Tkon which is only two kilometers from our camping. Much more about this traditional event at: