Camping Torkul


Rafting on the Zrmanja:
  • rafting on the river Zrmanja trail is 14.5 km long and takes 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the level of the river. Zrmanja with its tributary Krupa belongs to the group of extremely beautiful European rivers. Perfectly clear water, magnificent canyon and beautiful waterfalls make all the prerequisites for an unforgettable experience. The first part of the trail of 6 km has a slope of 2.5% and is abundant with streams which are ideal for less demanding paddlers. After the big waterfall that is high near 12 meters and is bypassed on foot, slope of the river increases to 6%. Rapids, gorges and waterfalls are becoming more and more demanding.
  • rafting is banned in the summer months (July and August) because of the low water level of the river and damaging the travertine barriers. It is a management decision of Velebit Nature Park.
  • for lovers of adrenaline rafting on Zrmanja should be chosen after heavy rains because then rafting is possible and upstream of the mills Žegar, which is the usual start of rafting trip.
  • recommended number of participants in rafting is from 4 to 30 participants and all the necessary equipment and boats can be rented. For larger groups we use professional Sotar boats for 8-10 persons with an experienced skipper. It is allowed  for children to participate in rafting , children over 7 years accompanied by a parent. For all participants we provide all the necessary equipment: helmet, vest, waterproof suit and more.
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