Camping Torkul


“Paradise” for surfers, rowing and sailing small boats
Pasman channel which is in our part   5-6 kilometers wide and divided by two series of islets. The first series consists of four islands, while the second series also consists of four islands, of which last one is significantly larger,and  there is a small village on it. The most frequent wind is the Mistral blowing from the northwest in the afternoon. Near the town of Pasman channel is  practically so narrow that the sea runnes like a river in one direction or another (alternating current approximately every six hours). For surfers, especially less skilled, it is ideal because of the relatively strong wind and small waves. By Bura (wind from the mainland) and especially the Jugo (south-east wind that also blows in the direction of the channel of Pasman) waves are significantly larger and require more experienced surfers. For all boards and sails we possess the ability to store  them over night by the sea. (family house with a walled garden).
The paddling course is in small boats with classic oars (one or two) provided to you by our team and with guide.
Sailing course in smaller vessels is also provided with an experienced leader. Sailing can be with a classic Latin sail , or in smaller sport boats (up to 5 meters in length) with sports sails (jib and mainsail). Successfully mastering the skills of sailing is achieved in an average of one week of learning with the trainer.