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MILL island of Pasman:


ULJARA island of Pasman began its work back in 1994 as the first private newly built oil refinery in Croatia. Our goal was to improve the production of olive oil on the island of Pasman recognizing that the existing capacities are too small to meet the needs for faster and better quality processing of olive oil.
We opted for oil refinery of classical type of plant cold pressing with the help of hydraulic presses of the renowned brand PIERALISI.
1995 we produced the most oil in the Zadar County, and since then we are constantly expanding our production.We also introduced our innovative computer software for the managing of the entire working process.
1999 we are expanding capacity of oil mill at about 750 kg of olives / hour. That same year, first on the island, we have  introduced our own organized transport of olive fruits on Euro pallets, which will prove to be a move that will significantly simplify the driveway _ from distant parts, as well as a great help for older people who do not have their adequate transportation.
2008 Stainless steel coat is put into the the olive oil containers which meet the strict hygiene conditions on the keeping and storage of food products ….
2012 g. we are opening a new oil refinery, the most modern and  the first in Croatia of brand GEA Westfalia Separator.
The capacity 1600 kg of olives / hour of  top quality oil, with the best closed decanter _ separator that prevents  oxidation of olive oil making it top quality and longer lasting then any other oils from modern plants present in the Republic of Croatia …